Total Software Deployment

Total Software Deployment 1.2.1

Total Software Deployment is designed for all users

Total Software Deployment: managed software deployment for your corporate network.

TSD was recognized the best software for remote application deployment on network computers. Not only deployment, but also network inventory and computer scanning are possible with this product. Installation of many packages within one network is now possible. It takes place simultaneously on all the computers you want.

Remote Software Deployment

Total Software Deployment makes deploying software on any number of computers a blast. Software inventory management, automatic network scanning, and concurrent deployment of multiple types of installation packages make TSD a clear winner among remote deployment tools.

Application Deployment with One Click

Unlike the competition, this tool supports advanced concurrent deployment, allowing you to install multiple packages on multiple computers at the same time. You can specify how many computers and how many packages per computer can be installed at any moment. Once you have made up your mind, you can start deploying in just one click. This is true, automated application deployment can be really started just with one click. You don’t need any agents pre-installed on each remote computer, administrator’s password will be enough for you. After deployment is done you will have a list of software and applications which are present on each PC, data as for their installation, and related comments.

Integrated Software Inventory Management

Total Software Deployment enables organization-wide visibility across network computers, maintaining a comprehensive list of software installed on all computers in your corporate network.

Automatic Inventory Scans

As we have said above, not only remote software installation, but also network scanning is possible by means of TSD. All the information about software installed on your computers will be given to you in the most convenient way. TSD automatically scans your network computers to build inventory lists. Computers and servers on your corporate network can be scanned without permanently installed agents; all you need is the administrator’s password. Scanned data will be categorized and organized automatically to build a comprehensive inventory of software installed on your local area network.

Total Software Deployment


Total Software Deployment 1.2.1